Last Call at the Ringrose Pub: Print Version now available


The soft cover version of Last Call at the Ringrose Pub is now available for $9.99 CDN (about $8.00 US) plus shipping. Click here to order. (You will be redirected to the order page at the printer; they will take care of payment and shipping. You’ll need a credit card or a PayPal account.)

If you live in Montreal, you can save on shipping charges by contacting me here, and I’ll arrange to get you a copy somehow.

In fact, if you promise me a review on Amazon or Goodreads, I’ll get you a free copy, no matter where you live. Contact me here.

Of course, the e-book version is still available for download on Amazon at a bargain price: $2.99, no pesky shipping charges. To pick up a copy, just click here:, or Amazon Canada, or Amazon UK, or Amazon Australia (or find it in any of Amazon’s stores world-wide).

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