My second novel, Flash Drive, has been accepted into the Amazon Scout program!

Flash Drive Cover (KP31)

Some good news. My second novel, Flash Drive, has been accepted into the Amazon Scout program, a “reader-powered publishing platform for new, never-before-published books”. Here’s how it works. During any given 30-day period, a dedicated group of readers review all the available books on Scout and nominate a maximum of three choices for publication by Amazon Kindle Press.

The first fifty pages of Flash Drive will be available on Scout until December 16th. Hopefully, hundreds of readers will nominate the book. More nominations mean better visibility, and that means a better chance for publication.

At the end of the 30-day period, the book might be selected for publication by Kindle Press. This would be fantastic. Flash Drive would be supported by Amazon’s powerful marketing tools, which guarantees visibility, sales and reviews. It also means a $1500 US advance, and a 50% royalty rate on sales over $1500. From what I can tell, almost all previous Scout winners have done very well indeed.

Here is a link to my page on Scout:

Do me a favor: help a poor struggling author. Click on the link, check out the preview, and nominate Flash Drive for publication. You’ll get a nice thank-you note. And if I get published, Amazon will send you a free copy of the e-book.

Thanks for your help!

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