Books by Other Authors

On this page you will not find the works of Stephen King or John Grisham or the like. That’s not because those guys are not good at what they do. It’s because they don’t need me to find an audience or widen their reach. What you will find here are some interesting novels by other talented authors, a collection of well-written books I believe deserve a wider audience than they currently enjoy. They’re an eclectic bunch. What they have in common is they are well written and well edited. And one way or another, each of them tells a powerful story.

There’s no particular order here:

The Writers’ Conference by Marian D. Schwartz

Spin by Jim Lindheim

Gate 76 by Andrew Diamond

Underwood, Scotch and Wry by Brian D. Meeks

Still Time by Jean Hegland

The Wave at Hanging Rock by Gregg Dunnett

My Grandmother Sends her Regards and Apologizes by Frederik Backman

and last but not least,

To Die in California by Newton Thornburg