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Three novels. Complete, polished, edited, proofread. All three are for sale in Amazon stores world-wide, in e-book format and in paperback. And they’re available in Kindle Unlimited.

TIME LOST is my third novel, published in September, 2018.

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Three generations. Two murders. One mystery. And one broken heart.

Time Lost is a page turner. It kept me guessing until the end. Foster’s observations on mature love, aging, and children make this novel rich reading. His insight comes naturally and gives the reader a lot to think about.” – Marian D. Schwartz, author of Realities and The Writers’ Conference

Time Lost is available for $2.99 on Amazon. Click a link to check it out and pick up a copy:, or Amazon Canada, or Amazon UK , or Amazon Australia (or find it in any of Amazon’s stores world-wide). A paperback version is also available.

Here’s some back cover copy for both editions of Time Lost:

Recently forced into early retirement, investigative journalist Jamie Lapointe has settled into a quiet life which mostly involves smoking weed and playing poker with an old college buddy. Then he runs into Deena McCallum. He hasn’t seen her in more than forty years, not since she dumped him and married his nemesis. Now she’s asking for his help to find the man who murdered her daughter. He loved her then; despite everything, he loves her still. Against his better judgement, he is drawn into the homicide investigation.

At the same time, he must deal with the ghosts of the past, and the events which brought them together and tore them apart in the days which followed the Summer of Love. TIME LOST is a fast-paced mystery and a love story. It is also a look back at the Sixties and the passions of a generation searching for truth and justice amid the turmoil of racism and war.

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My second novel: FLASH DRIVEMockup 2.png

Flat-out fascinating. Like no other book I have ever read. If you don’t read this, you have missed an opportunity of a lifetime.” – reader review

Flash Drive is available world-wide on Amazon. Click a link to check it out:, or Amazon Canada, or Amazon UK, or Amazon Australia. Or find it on any other Amazon site around the globe. A paperback version is also available.

This is a straight-up mystery story. Here’s the blurb:

Every Sunday afternoon for almost a year she strolls into the parking lot where you work and drives away in a car share. Every Sunday evening she brings it back. Until one day, when the car comes back, but she doesn’t. A stranger wearing cargo pants and an attitude shows up in her place. After he leaves, you find her bag and all her possessions in the trunk. You realize that wherever she is, she has nothing but the clothes on her back.

What do you do? You don’t know her well, but you know she disappeared. You’re afraid she’s been harmed, but no-one believes you. You think you know who’s responsible, but then that guy turns up dead.  And when the cops open an investigation, you are their prime suspect in the murder.

Erstwhile taxi driver Alex Ryan is the guy in the parking lot. Sexy bank executive Chantal Dorval is the mystery woman. Who kidnapped her? Is she alive or dead? Who killed Cargo Pants? And why? Ryan sets out to answer these questions, to find Chantal and exonerate himself. But the more he learns about her life, the more disturbing secrets he discovers, and the more suspects he turns up. And the more the police are convinced he’s guilty.

Flash Drive is action-packed and sexually-charged. It deals with contemporary themes such as substance abuse, alternate lifestyles, and social media privacy issues.  It will appeal to readers of the work of Gillian Flynn, Robert Galbraith (JKR), or Harlan Coben.

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My first novel: LAST CALL AT THE RINGROSE PUBMockup 2.png

Last Call at the Ringrose Pub… is thrilling, fast paced, addictive and insightful. I literally couldn’t put it down! The characters are interesting and the presence of strong female leads, who don’t need men to rescue them, is refreshing.” – Amazon Canada reader review

Last Call at the Ringrose Pub is available for $2.99 on Amazon. Click a link to check it out and pick up a copy:, or Amazon Canada, or Amazon UK , or Amazon Australia (or find it in any of Amazon’s stores world-wide).  A paperback version is available here.

The challenge for me here was to see if I could write the story from beginning to end and actually finish the damn thing. While I was at it, I wanted to produce a novel set in the West End of Montreal; there are very few published in English. And I wanted to write a story which would bring the taxi industry to life. There are lots of books and movies featuring taxi drivers. I wanted to involve some of the other characters who populate this vibrant milieu, including drivers, of course, but also dispatchers and call takers, fleet owners and office staff.

Once it was finished, I spent some time worrying about genre for this book, because it seems to be so important these days. Is it a suspense story? Is it an adventure? Is it a mystery or maybe a thriller? Does it fit into the enigmatic ‘upmarket’ category?

In the end I gave up trying to pin the thing down. Now I just call it a ‘mainstream’ novel ‘with a gripping story and more than a little suspense’. Here’s a teaser:

Burned-out former taxi driver Erick Papineau had thought he was finally getting his life back together after bankruptcy and divorce. Then thirty thousand dollars in taxi vouchers are stolen from his old Malibu while he is upstairs making love to Rachel Van Horne in her funky little apartment. When he lies about where he was at the time, he makes himself the prime suspect in the theft.

He thinks he has to lie to protect her. She thinks she doesn’t need any help. But then her website is hacked, her store is firebombed, and she’s run off the road and nearly killed by a beat-up old van. She’s also suspected of complicity in a homicide. Now they both need all the help they can get as they urgently seek answers to these questions: Who stole the coupons? Who’s out to get Rachel? Who killed the bank manager’s wife? And are Papineau and Rachel just friends with benefits, or are they something more?

Last Call at the Ringrose Pub is set in Montreal in the fall of 2013 but it plays out over a period of forty years against the backdrop of the contraband cigarette trade, a taxi industry in crisis and a bilingual inner-city neighborhood in constant change. The hard-scrabble taxi milieu is traditionally dominated by men, but the strong women characters of Last Call at the Ringrose Pub drive much of the story and its outcome.

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